PATTRESS PLUS, a new, time saving, dust reducing, noise eliminating OSB3 panel for dryliners has just been launched by MEDITE SMARTPLY.

Ideal for dryliners and contractors who construct plasterboard partitions, PATTRESS PLUS features a continuous recess along one side that is designed to accommodate ‘C’ studs without the need to cut in slots on site.

This key design feature means that each panel sits flush against the stud flange, holding steady while you simply screw the other side into place.

The finished result means a massive reduction in dust – as no cutting is required, drastically reduced noise – due to fewer power tools, and much less time spent cutting and installing panels which can save hours, if not days, on big installations.

“The fact that the boards do not require cutting on site is a really important benefit for us,” says Simon Dixon, Managing Director at SD Plastering, who has recently put the panels to the test on a large London project, providing support for heavy fixtures and fittings. “It has saved my team and I a lot of time that would have usually been spent cutting the panels down, then rebating individual slots into each board.

“As you can imagine, cutting a large quantity of panels on site also creates a lot of dust. Eliminating the need to cut the boards removes this hazard, reducing risk to our workers. As a further result, we also have less power tools on site, which reduces cause for concern around health and safety.”

Simon concluded: “We needed enough panels to fit out 280 units for this project. So, if a product can save us five minutes on each panel installed, then we can save ourselves a matter of days over an entire project, which makes us and our clients very happy.

“We’ll definitely be using PATTRESS PLUS again.”

Head of Marketing and Brand at MEDITE SMARTPLY, Stuart Devoil, comments: “PATTRESS PLUS panels have been created to meet a clear market need. When speaking to Dryliners and contractors dealing with plasterboard partitions, it became clear that installing pattressing is one big headache. We found that the current boards used require cutting on site, creating large amounts of dust and noise, in turn creating additional health and safety risks. There is also the use of additional metalwork and fixings adding time and complexity, all resulting in extended installation times.

“We want to reduce risks and complications, whilst also saving time into the bargain. So, with our expertise in developing innovative timber panel solutions we knew that this latest technology would help tradespeople create a safer working environment while saving them time and money. We’ve already trialled the product with one plastering contractor who said he’ll never go back to traditional panels after using PATTRESS PLUS.”

Not only compliant with EN300, PATTRESS PLUS is CE marked, FSC®certified, approved and fully tested to the relevant sections of BS5234 Part 2, demonstrating high pull-out strength to allow piece of mind when hanging heavy fixtures. Panels are available in thicknesses of 15mm or 18mm, widths of 397mm or 597mm (to fit 400mm and 600mm stud centres), and lengths of 1250mm or 2397mm, in line with leading plasterboard partition specifications.

Manufactured withzero added formaldehyde, PATTRESS PLUS may also be useful in environmentally sensitive interior applications such as hospitals, laboratories, museums and schools, contributing to the creation of safe, healthy environments.

For more information on PATTRESS PLUS, and to find your nearest stockist, please visit: https://mdfosb.com/en/smartply/products/pattress-plus

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